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This paper assesses the claims made about gambling machines in British betting shops, in particular ‘fixed-odds betting terminals’. These machines are routinely dubbed ‘the crack cocaine of gambling’ and it is said that players can lose £18,000 in an hour.

The ‘crack cocaine of gambling’ label has been attached to virtually every new gambling product since the late-1980s. It is never attributed to any named individual and is akin to anti-gambling folklore. Such rhetoric is used by campaigners to attract media attention. • The number of betting shops in Britain began to decline in the late 'Crack cocaine' gambling machines make £1,000 a week ... 'Crack cocaine' gambling machines make £1,000 a week: Profits on fixed odds terminals said to have rocketed in the past year. Fixed odds betting terminals allow users to stake £100 a time on games How has 'crack cocaine of gambing' affected Illinois? The ... How has 'crack cocaine of gambing' affected Illinois? The state hasn't checked . ... which have been described as “electronic morphine” and “the crack cocaine of gambling.” ...

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Theresa May makes humiliating climbdown on 'crack cocaine Nov 14, 2018 · Theresa May makes humiliating climbdown on 'crack cocaine' FOBT gambling machines. Former sports minister Tracey Crouch confirmed that the cap on maximum stakes will be in place from April 2019 Gambling machine climbdown means new rules go ahead in FOBTs have been under criticism for encouraging high-stakes gambling and exposing people to the risk of gambling harm. The machines have been called the "crack cocaine" of gambling by campaigners

Bookmakers' attempts to curb problem gambling 'in disarray

Fixed odds betting terminal - Wikipedia A fixed odds betting terminal (FOBT) ... They have been dubbed the "crack cocaine" of gambling by critics. In response to this criticism, ...

Gambling's crack cocaine: They're the disturbing new face of gambling - betting machines that enslave the poor and earn bookies BILLIONS.What have I done? Later, the man whose gambling I interrupted — a 38-year-old labourer called Allen — stops me in the street to explain.

The Guardian video: "FOBTs: the crack cocaine of gambling" Dear MP, The Guardian last night released a video entitled "FOBTs: the crack cocaine of gambling", the most comprehensive and insightful film on fixed odds betting terminals to date. You can watch it here. The video features: an interview with a drug dealer who uses FOBTs to launder the proceeds of crime