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the updating of the PC follows after the delay slot has been executed, until then it will point to the branch. there is no special handling during an exception except you have a register which says if you are in a delay slot or not. you`d need to emulate all instructions that can conditionally raise an exception in your handler (load/store ... CMSC 411 Computer Systems Architecture Lecture 5 Basic ... CS252 S05 CMSC 411 - 5 (from Patterson) 9 Scheduling Branch Delay Slots • A is the best choice, fills delay slot & reduces instruction count (IC) • In B, the sub instruction may need to be copied, increasing IC • In B and C, must be okay to execute sub when branch fails add R1,R2,R3 if R2=0 then delay slot A. From before branch B. From branch target C. Pipelining: Branch Hazards CSE 141, S2'06 Jeff Brown Eliminating the Branch Stall • There’s no rule that says we have to see the effect of the branch immediately. Why not wait an extra instruction before branching? • The original SPARC and MIPS processors each used a single branch delay slot to eliminate single-cycle stalls after branches. Pipeline Control Hazards and Instruction Variations

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branch target if taken – 1 slot delay allows proper decision and branch target address in 5 stage pipeline – MIPS uses this Branch delay of length n CSE 240A Dean Tullsen Delayed Branch • Where to get instructions to fill branch delay slot? – Before branch instruction – From the target address: only valuable when branch taken Having Fun with Branch Delay Slots – pagetable.com Having Fun with Branch Delay Slots. Branch Delay Slots are one of the awkward features of RISC architectures. RISC CPUs are pipelined by definition, so while the current instruction is in execution, the following instruction(s) will be in the pipeline already. If there is for example a conditional branch in the instruction stream,... The Pipelined RiSC-16

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MIPS exception handling (Specifically branch delay slots) "Patching" the code as you expressed would work too, but you need to make sure the instruction cache gets invalidated, else you will be running from the cache and end in an infinite loop. the updating of the …

The pipeline behavior of the DLX pipeline, which has one branch delay slot is shown below: Untaken branch instr.The limitations on delayed-branch scheduling arise from the restrictions on the instructions that are scheduled into the delay slots and our ability to predict at compile time whether a...

Práce na návrhu architektury MIPS začala již v roce 1981, kdy John L. Hennessy z univerzity ve Stanfordu spolu se svým týmem navrhl koncept procesoru, v němž by se sice využívala pipeline s poměrně velkým množstvím řezů (typicky pěti … Pipeline stall - Wikipedia